Hero Infinity
Hero Infinity
Hero Infinity is an NFT-based multiplayer battle game that is designed to have players compete against each other in real-time while they earn the HRI utility token and NFTs with real-world value.
Players use avatars called Heroes, and they have different rarities and levels ranging from one to 30, and they all come with a base ability of strength, agility, and intelligence. The higher level a Hero is, the higher their chances are of winning battles.
Heroes are controlled through ERC-721 smart contracts, which means they cannot be forged or transferred to anyone without the owner’s permission.
Example Hero Infinity Hero NFTs
Players can collect multiple Hero NFTs and use them in our ecosystem to earn HIGH rewards in HRI tokens - the game's native currency. Our ecosystem gives benefits to users if they join battles with their NFTs and win, however players do not just have to win battles to earn; Hero Infinity has also integrated elements of decentralized finance by allowing players to loan their Hero NFTs to the platform’s staking mechanisms.
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